Credit to Keith Savoline of for the main elements listed below.

It is each player’s responsibility to ensure the safety of himself and his opponents as we enjoy playing together. Each player, no matter what his skill level, comes to the rink to have fun playing hockey with his teammates and friends. It is essential that faster skaters, more proficient shooters, stronger playmakers, higher skilled players make this a team sport where every player takes away the satisfaction of having enjoyed his hour of hockey. The goalie, defence, and forwards are all essential in the making of every game. If this was the NHL, only the highest level of player would be here. This is recreational hockey where players of all levels, goalies, defence and forwards, play together to enjoy playing hockey.

This is a team sport. In every game we have fun playing on a particular team. However, we are a member of every team. The joy that every player takes away from the rink and brings back next week is what makes this league fun for every one of us.

Respect for the guys you play hockey with is very important. I don’t care what level of play at which your team mate or opponent plays, but he is likely playing at his level. You can always give him polite encouragement and advice, but don’t expect dramatic change.